The Reverend Allison Barrett

Loving the World with Words


I believe the good gifts of creation are held among us all. None of us own what has come to life in us and we are meant to be here for one another, to share our insights, our strength, the work of our hands and the passions of our hearts for the benefit of all. 

My hope in sharing experiences from my own life and my time in ministry is that something you read might find a home in your heart and be of help to you or someone you love. If words I have written speak to you, take and use them freely. If you have a need and nothing you have found speaks to you, I will try and help. 

If  “ministry is the best seat in the theatre of life,” over the years I have been honoured to try and reflect the love, loss, beauty and complexity of human living in situations, times and places too numerous to recount. I gather here a small portion of past words with the promise of more to come and my pledge to “Love the world with words.” 

Welcome and blessings to you!

“That love is all there is,
is all we know of love”

Emily Dickinson