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When Someone You Love Goes Away For a Time – a story of strength and resilience for far away families

Note: To go directly to the illustrated story I wrote, scroll down and feel free use the magnifying glass on the tool bar if you want to zoom in a little closer.

I wrote this little story to support someone I love whose parent has a job that takes them away for stretches of time. (Luckily, they are also home for big stretches of time!) They were very little at the time and I wanted to help them understand some of the reasons that someone you love might need to be away from you, and things that you could do to help yourself during that time.

Although I wrote it for a specific person and situation, it occurred to me as I was writing that this is true for many children, families and people all over the world.  Military families, families that are separated by immigration, war or displacement, the need for a new start, illness, long distance love or 100 other reasons that people find themselves separated from those they care about. I thought of how hard it is to explain to children why a parent they love needs to be away and how important it is to help them grow strength and resilience inside themselves along the way.

So although the story was written for someone I love, with a little alteration to take out specifics, I’m offering it to you, whoever you are, for your children or yourself until you can all be back together as a family.  Take your own drawings or photos and make it your own, with my blessing and best wishes for a beautiful reunion. ❤️        

Distance, space and time have nothing on Love.


When someone you love goes away for a time

There are lots of great things you can do

To make you feel fine and help pass the time

Until they come back home to you


You can phone them or write them, email or Skype them

Or make them a card with your very own hands

You can send them a letter to make them feel better

When life takes them travelling to far away lands


You can show them you care and learn why they’re there

Discovering things that you never knew

A great explanation or new information

Interesting you in the things that they do


You can make plans to greet them the next time you meet them

Or send them a package of something they miss

You can surprise them when you recognize them

With the world’s biggest hug and the most special kiss!


If you’re in a tizzy you can get busy

Ask for some help from your family or friends

Read books, ride your bike, do things that you like

You’ll find time goes quickly when fun never ends!


When time seems long, you might have it all wrong

Counting the days they’re away in your head

To make time go fast till you see them at last

Try counting the days till they come home instead!


So when someone you love goes away for a time

Just remember that you always know

When you hug and kiss them and say that you’ll miss them

You send your love with them wherever they go.